Friday, June 27, 2008

recording and playback working

I pushed out a build and sources to Sourceforge.  Moved audio handling into it's own thread.  The "test recording" option records and plays back audio now :)

It worked great for a while on my Blackberry, however at one point the audio completely wedged and I had to pull the battery.  The implementation bugs I'm encountering are very discouraging.  I wonder how things would work on Openmoko.  It's C, and GTK.  Very tempting.

But I've invested a lot in this, so I'm going to keep plugging away.  Next is the network communication.

Monday, June 23, 2008

still poking at setRecordStream

I posted a question about the setRecordStream threading issue on the Sun CLDC and MIDP forum:

It's a very active forum, and I've started to post some hopefully helpful comments to others. Hopefully the open source newsgroup/mailing list/forum style of collaboration will help. I have also talked to folks on the Netbeans forums, but they are not very active as of Spring '08.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

more experimenting - new release

There is a new release. I've been working on cleaning up the code and trying to take all the stuff that was working asynchronously (in separate threads) and pull it together. I still can't get setRecordStream() to work unless it's in a separate thread from the main program. Makes no sense yet.
I started playing with some UI stuff too. There is a spiffy icon now, and I'm using the logo image when the program isn't at the main List screen.

Monday, June 2, 2008

talkLock is on Sourceforge

Well the code is at a very premature stage, but now that spring is here I have temporarily lost some momentum. So in case anyone wants to help do some beating on these J2ME things, I went ahead and put up the sources and a build on Sourceforge. talkLock has a home now on Sourceforge. It's GPL so download the source and NetBeans with Mobility Pack and start hackin'. If you need an account to publish your builds and test on a web server, write me. marmot is where I usually publish my test builds and suck them down onto my phone. marmot will have a new home this week, so there may be some dns confusion at some point.
There is experimental audio recording and playback, no network code, and a very simple List interface. Also I went crazy with the threads, so everything is very asynchronous and bizarre right now. Enjoy.