Sunday, May 11, 2008

other status

I found out that the RIM development kit has an audio API. But you have to send RIM some money to get a key, and then sign your builds with that key. You have to do it EVEN JUST TO TEST. I understand that they were charging $120 in 2006, and now it's $20 in 2008. I guess they aren't getting many takers. I don't see myself paying anyone to let me help their platform by developing software for it. Especially when the key is PER PC, so I could only develop on one machine. I have a web server that I use to publish my builds to the phone, and it has a build environment on it, and it's Linux. And I use my Macbook and another Linux laptop to do my programming. So I'm not going to limit myself to Windows development on one machine because RIM says so.

Thankfully I've gotten recording working without them.

Also I ended up using threads to get everything working. All of my exception handlers run Alert()s in their own thread. I increment a counter all throughout my code and pass it to the Alert() so I know where in the code crashes happen. I also ended up putting the recording part of the code in it's own thread.

Now I need to make that thread pass some things back to the main program.

And figure out why recording is working now, and use it appropriately.

And then it's time to write my talkLock protocol on https...

we have audio recording and playback... somehow

Yeah, so the other night I was showing someone the latest build of talkLock, and how when you choose "record test" it prompts you to allow the program to record audio, and then it says "recording now..." and then locks up. Only it didnt' lock up. Instead my phone started playing the recording of my voice saying "and then it says recording now, only nothing happens".

Yes I have reproduced it, but it doesn't work anywhere near reliably. Frankly I was pretty much ready to throw in the towel, and start a new project of some kind. I guess I'll have to keep going now :)