Monday, July 6, 2009

not dead

No I'm not dead, but there is some rust on talkLock. I got engaged, family stuff has happened, I found an old motorcycle in a barn, my car got t-boned, I bought an old Jeep, I got the motorcycle running and cleaned up, the weather broke, I started mountain biking, I am enjoying Jeeping with no top and riding the old motorcycle. I went camping, shot up a bunch of ammo through my Russian guns, bought a cargo trailer, started fixing up the cargo trailer, friends came in from Norway, my laptop died, the AC adaptor for my other laptop died, I got a Eee PC to play with...
So lots of stuff. I think about talkLock, and I admit that I tried to abandon it for a new project, but nothing came of it. I thought it would be fun to hack gnash the open source flash engine, but it wasn't easy to set up the development environment on any of my machines. Maybe I will try that again, or maybe I will come back to talkLock. It doesn't help that my Blackberry died at the tender age of 13 months old, so I don't have a MIDP phone right now.